Chozen natur box 12 pieces

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Chozen loves to make filled chocolate candies and judging by your comments and reviews to the management, you also love to consume and give them away. We use the highest quality chocolates and ingredients to make candies, each filling is carefully cooked and gives us the opportunity to form flavors and textures just as we imagine.

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Chozen natur box is a box that we made just for you who want to give yourself or someone else the smallest and sweetest package of candies. It consists of a natural box carefully filled with 12 pieces of candies in 6 flavors so that they can enjoy them alone or as a couple.

The flavors that will be found in the box are (may vary):

Cherry – Almond – Tonka

Ginger – Yuzu

Raspberry – Coconut

Salted caramel – Peanuts

Hazelnut – Roasted corn

Strawberry - Cardamom


sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk, fruit puree (cherry, yuzu, raspberry, ginger, sour cherry, strawberry, coconut), lecithins (soy), vanilla, vegetable fats, butter, concentrated buttermilkSweet creamlactose, dextrose, artificial sugar, glucose syrup, hazelpecan, citric acid, pectin, peanutalmond, corn, gelatin
spices: salt, vanilla, tonka bean, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves
All types can contain hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, other nuts fruit and eggs.
Store in a dry and cool place: 16-20°C
net weight: 156g

Candies can be consumed within 2 weeks of purchase


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Chozen natur box 12 pieces
20,00  with VAT
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