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Chocolate Special Moments

For those who don't know, I'm Dražen Zeljković - the owner of the CHOZEN brand. Until not so long ago, I spent most of my time at the computer, focused on advertisements, animations and film effects, and now I am working on an equally demanding mission - I want to make the best chocolate experience! 

Handmade chocolate candies

Chozen chocolate candies – small works of art from a magical workshop in Zagreb

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Chocolate candies


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These hand made candies are pure fantasy. The flavors of the chocolate magic are unique, feel the fullness of the chocolate and the filling of the candy itself. And the appearance of the candy box itself is imaginative and full of colors. Finally, I have to praise the packaging, which is excellent, as well as the whole story behind Chozen.
Ivanka Delilović

WOW!!! These blew my mind. I received a box from my sister who lives in Zagreb. Each piece was absolutely stunning - like hand painted pieces of art. The flavors were creative, unexpected and so delectable.
Marija Ivanković

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Stay tuned, love CHOZEN
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