Dražen Zeljković has created a new line of chocolate candies and you can pay with cryptocurrencies

The chocolatier from Travno, behind the Chozen brand, came up with new fillings and decided to introduce a new type of payment

Dražen Zeljković, a young enthusiast and lover of chocolate, has been successfully engaged in video post-production for the last ten years, a job from which he could make a great living. Nevertheless, he decided to try his hand at making chocolate candies. And it's a good thing, because otherwise we wouldn't have Chozen today. A brand that is synonymous with impressive chocolate candies, which are technically more and more precise, and taste more and more balanced.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, he designed several new combinations, keeping some existing ones, so buying the Chozen LOVE mix will most likely make you happy. For those who have not yet had the opportunity to meet Dražen Zeljković's hand-painted candies, at first you will be attracted by the minimalist painted packaging, but when you open it, you get a rainbow spectrum that tastes like chocolate. The candies are best tasted with your eyes closed while playing a flavor guessing game with your better half. Our favorite is the combination of ginger and yuzu, which is insanely fruity, fresh and citrusy, hidden in a thin chocolate coating that bursts under the teeth.

The price of a package of 12 chocolate candies is around HRK 150, depending on the combinations in the package, currently they are (caramel from pecans and crunchy pecans, salted hazelnut, kumquat marmalade and yogurt, ginger and yuzu, rice in milk with vanilla and cinnamon , milk chocolate caramel and passion fruit and coconut). It is interesting that Dražen Zeljković has decided to offer a new way of payment, namely cryptocurrencies.

"Given that in the world, payment with cryptocurrencies has become the "new normal", I decided to introduce this method of payment with card payment myself. Through the team from Electrocoin and their PayCek system, orders over the web very elegantly get the possibility to be carried out in kuna, which means that "modern" users with most of the various cryptocurrencies can very easily spend cryptocurrencies that end up in kuna on their account. This opens the door to a new customer type." Dražen Zeljković, the owner of the Chozen brand, revealed to us.

Photo: Marko Miscevic/Cropix/Cropix

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